Bljeskalica Baoch BLB 2608

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Bljeskalica Baoch BLB 2608

BLB-2608 bike lights provide you with diverse groups of product ranging from 250- 450 Lumens in brightness. With its CNC mechanically manufactured aluminum alloy covers, it is lightweight, durable, and reliable. Our line of bike lights provides you with bright lighting for your night riding experiences. Through our innovative designing methods and techniques, the benefits of the using LEDs are maximized while reducing the heat generated from the lights. Our LED units are selected for its 5600K color temperature so they can brightly illuminate the roads ahead. Our multi-beam angle lights are designed to increase the depth and the range of the lightning, which is over 80 meters.

Aluminum 5052 body

Multi-Beam angle

Accessoires :

BL-0822 Li-Ion Rechargeable

2.2Ah, Battery Life 6Hours

Charging time : 3-4 hours

Weight 140g